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NAI Austria offers excellent, solution-oriented guidance and consultancy for office, retail, industry and hotel spaces.

We employ a select team of experienced experts who are committed to achieving the goals of our clients in all market phases. We accompany and advise our clients throughout the entire course of business, whether it be during leasing procedures, with purchasing or selling different properties.

Long-standing collaborations with our partners, in their respective fields of business, have laid the foundation for our strong industry and market knowledge. Our focus is on optimal, sustainable value enhancement of real estate, which we achieve with the trifecta of ideal positioning, our pre-existing customer base and an individually tailored marketing strategy.

We will never compromise on the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

Evaluation & Consultancy

We specialise in evaluating and assessing real estate portfolios, drawing on our extensive Austria-specific property expertise.

We combine tried and tested evaluations with current market trends and comparable data to give our clients a precise, founded analysis.

Our expertise is the foundation for a transparent, detailed and, in particular, speedy consulting service. Time is crucial, in particular when selling. Our team and their specialist knowledge are swiftly by your side in order to support you with an extensive analysis of the property, taking all important factors and circumstances into consideration.

Our world-wide NAI network also enables us to process international mandates.

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Management services

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Tenant satisfaction and economic efficacy of the property are of the highest importance to the proprietor.

This makes value retention and enhancement crucial for our specialists from all real estate areas.

We take our time when dealing with the wishes of our clients, opting for transparent communication and stand by your side as a professional partner: from concept to developmanagementment, through requirement analysis and construction process all the way to management of the entire project. We consider future trends and specific needs of future users, tenants and potential buyers, from the planning stages throughout, ensuring every property achieves maximum usage flexibility.

In addition to all this, we also put a strong emphasis on sustainable, elite technical standards and offer innovative, demand-oriented services, such as power and mobility .

Project Development

NAI Austria stands for competence and trust in the real estate industry.

Together with our clients, we develop a variety of real estate projects in a number of industries. Our extensive services cover areas ranging from researching suitable locations with great potential to entire project development, construction execution and handling all the way to marketing, sales, rental and management of properties.

Our qualified and committed team is at hand during all of these stages and phases of the project in question. In this way, we are able to ensure that all services are derived from one source, thus guaranteeing top quality, control, security and profit.

All these prerequisites help us to achieve our goal of planning and designing the best real estate projects which are guaranteed stable investments.

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Corporate Finance Services

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Our corporate finance team consists of banking, insurance and property experts, all drawing on years’ experience.

We offer all-in-one and tailor-made solutions for areas such as structured finances, M&A as well as supporting you with the restructuring of your property portfolios.

We also have the necessary know-how and relevant connections, through our NAI network, to process and finalise international real estate transactions.

Your success is also our success, and every successful business relationship is based on trust. For this reason, we treat all transactions, relating to our corporate governance, with the utmost discretion.